Little Shelf - Dark Stain with Green Color Filled Hearts

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Enhance your modern home decor with our charming Wood Wall Mounted Little Shelf featuring a Green Color Filled Hearts design. Perfect for displaying beautiful greenery, candles, and collectibles, this Little Shelf adds a stunning touch to any room. It looks fabulous on its own or as part of a living gallery wall. Pair it with a propagation shelf for an even more captivating display!

Shelf Dimensions:

  • 12.5" x 6.75"


  • Wood wall shelf
  • One keyhole for mounting
  • *Note: Wood varies in color

Safety & Use:

  • Secure with screw
  • Disclaimer: For plants only (secure as needed), keep out of reach of children
  • Indoor use only

Are your houseplants feeling grounded and in need of some comic relief? Look no further than the Little Shelf! This one-of-a-kind shelf is designed to give your leafy pals a vertical vantage point while tickling your funny bone. Crafted with high-quality materials, the Little Shelf ensures both durability and sustainability, supporting your plant's dreams with eco-friendly wood. Its sturdy hanging mechanism keeps your green companion secure, even during their most daring stunts!

But what sets this shelf apart is its humorous design elements. Packed with plant-related puns and playful surprises, it's a laughter-inducing spectacle. Say goodbye to dull decor and hello to a shelf that doubles as a comedy show!

Installation: Installation is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly instructions and included hardware. No need to be a green-thumb expert to give your plant the VIP treatment—it's as easy as hanging a picture frame!

Whether you're a plant enthusiast or a comedy lover, the Little Shelf is the perfect choice. Elevate your plants and your mood with a touch of whimsy that will have your green gang and guests in stitches.

Caution: Side effects may include excessive giggling, envy from other plants, and a sudden surge in your plant-parenting pride. Get ready to hang out with the funniest houseplants in town and watch the comedy unfold! Order your Little Shelf today!