Metro Greeny Olive Leaf

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Revitalize the aesthetics of your home with our rectangular tiles, the perfect solution for a modern wall design. These tiles, designed to fit all styles, offer unlimited customization to reflect your unique taste. Their elegant and contemporary design blends perfectly with various interior themes, whether for a classic home or a modern space.

Our rectangular tiles are not only a pleasure for the eyes; they are also easy to install. Whether you are an amateur handyman or a professional, you will find the installation simple and fast, allowing you to bring a touch of sophistication and character to your spaces in no time.

With our tiles, transform any space, from the living room to the kitchen, through the bathroom, into a place of refinement and elegance. Each box offers extensive possibilities:

  • Sample : 1 tile 
  • Box of 24 tiles: Covers an area of 0.2m² / 2.15 ft², ideal for creative projects or to accentuate certain areas. Each tile measures 13.3 cm x 6.6 cm (metric) or 5.24 in x 2.6 in (imperial).

Don’t wait any longer to revive your walls! Opt for our rectangular tiles and create an interior that reflects your personal style and elegance.