Fine-tip erasable markers for black and whiteboards.

Sale price$22.43 CAD

Size: 3mm Fine Tip - Earth / Classic

Too perfect for writing on our tiles 🥰

  • Safe for children and odorless: these erasable chalk pens are water-based, dust-free, wet wipes, non-toxic formula for home use on our tiles. It's time to replace the old dusty chalk with markers on our tiles. Easy to remove: the ink pen works perfectly on almost all surfaces, especially our Click'n tile tiles.
  • Will erase non-porous surfaces; such as blackboard, our tiles (wet erasing), glass and mirrors (dry erasing) and permanent on porous surfaces
  • Made for everyone: whether you're a teacher, mom, student, artist, child, business, office, or restaurant owner, our markers make creating beautiful messages effortless.
  • Ultimate freedom of expression. Chalkola chalk paint markers are perfect for decorating all our tiles!

It's important to use a Magic Eraser (foam eraser) to effectively remove pencil marks from our tiles!